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While interacting with other agents of predominant brokerages around Phoenix, I came to the realization most brokerages were not fostering an environment of building a base of knowledge nor emphasizing fiduciary responsibilities to their clients, rather, their goal was only to maximize the number of transactions while minimizing time spent with their clients.  Although this benefits the broker’s bottom line, it is a disservice to the client.

With the local brokerages trending away from quality interactions with their clients, I along with my partner Ryan set out to build a brokerage where the emphasis would noticeably shift from quantity, to quality.  Our agents would not isolate themselves from other agents in an attempt to increase their personal gain, instead they would collaborate together creating a synergistic environment where the client’s needs come first and the goal is to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.  Realty Exchange is the result of these efforts.  At Realty Exchange, every agent you work with will be Reliable, Accountable, Responsive, Respectful, Accessible and Transparent. 

Dmitrius P. Whelan - Designated Broker/Owner

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